Monday, July 11, 2016

Gotta Catch'm All

Found an Abra in the Village, sitting on someone's bumper.

Downloaded the free Pokémon GO app. and have begun catching Pokémon and battling for control of gyms. As you can see it's an overlay of Pokemon on real world locations. When you find one you can try to catch it by tossing a Pokéball at it (finger swipe on the phone surface).

I've mostly seen clusters of people, three to four, wandering as a group. They're largely in their twenties. Haven't seen a lot of younger kids playing. Nintendo has accomplished what so many intentionally "exercise" games or "games for health" have tried and failed to do: get people outdoors moving around for long stretches of time on a regular basis. [It must be noted though that Niantic, the people that gave us the Ingress game last year, are the real developers.]